Harbin Technical School

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Harbin Technical School

Heilongjiang Applied Technology School

Military culture with discipline as the core, dance culture with happiness as the core, and family culture with gratitude as the core

Harbin Technical School

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Heilongjiang Applied Technical School is a private secondary vocational and technical school approved by the Provincial Department of Education in 2005, with the national enrollment code 6865。In the past 15 years, the school has been guided by various national educational laws and regulations, and has continuously promoted the standardized and scientific management of the school。Formed a distinct engineering characteristics, now offers 4 categories of 15 majors, all levels of all types of students more than 2000 people, the school teaching hardware and software conditions are superior, profound cultural heritage, has become the characteristics of our province...

Choose a major, good employment is the hard truth!

After graduation, you can choose to work, study or join the army;Enjoy national and military preferential treatment and resettlement policies!

Six core advantages

We take the service of society as our own responsibility and conform to the requirements of the era of knowledge economy


Campus style

"Service-oriented, employment-oriented", enabling students to achieve "interest employment, skill employment, decent employment, quality employment"

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